Environment variables

Docker containers are commonly configured to run via envirnment varables. You will see some default values that can be edited in your docker-compose.yml file. Here are details of what they mean.

Variable Name Values Default Description
ENV dev, prd In prd mode, running code and services are as optimised as possible. Running in dev mode enables features like Webpack/React hot module reloading (HMR), Django Runserver (code auto-reloading), Storybook server etc.
DEMO 0, 1 0 Starts the environment with a demo user account, library and downloads some demo photos. This is how the demo at runs.
POSTGRES_HOST String postgres Host name for Postgres database instance.
POSTGRES_DB String photonix Database name for Postgres database instance, will be auto-created on first run if it doesn't exist.
POSTGRES_USER String postgres Username for Postgres database.
POSTGRES_PASSWORD String postgres Password for Postgres database.
REDIS_HOST String redis Redis hostname, used for resource locking.
ALLOWED_HOSTS String * Restricts access for Django backend to be accessed from just a certain hostname.
ADMIN_USERNAME String Creates a username for the admin user on first run.
ADMIN_PASSWORD String Sets password for the admin user on first run. If this is set but ADMIN_USERNAME is not, the username will be admin.
DJANGO_SECRET_KEY String random Sets value for Django to use as a secret key (sessions, hashing, signing etc.). By default we automatically generate a cryptographically secure key on first run and store it in Redis for future.