Developer documentation

Getting started

There is a Makefile and separate Docker Compose file that you should use if you want to work on the project. Check out the repo and this setup will build the image, mount the code as volumes, hot-reload JS changes to the browser and reload the Python server for most changes.

git clone
cd photonix
mkdir -p  data/photos
make build
make start

You should now be able to access the app in your browser at http://localhost:8888/.

If you want to access the Bash or Python shells for development, you can use the following command.

make shell

Common Problems

Port Number Clashes

If you get errors such as Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp bind: address alerady in use then you probably have an existing server such as Postgres listening on the standard port. You can change Photonix's services to use alternative port numbers by editing docker/ and setting '5432:5432' to be '5433:5432' for example. This is for Postgres but is it a similar solution for Redis or the webserver ports.