Can I start using it right now?

5 May 2021, 11:26 p.m.

The installation process requires quite a bit of technical know-how currently, but we are working on making it really simple. The source code is open source and other developers have been busily testing it out on their own images. By the time we reach our 1.0 release it will be ready for the general public to use. We’re building this free photo organizer in the open to produce the best solution through collaboration.

If you are technically inclined then please take a look at our Installation Instructions. We'd really appreciate your feedback.

Please add your email address to the mailing list form below and we’ll let you know when ready it is for the general public.

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Sep 2020

Looks like your app is on the right track!

Any chance for an ARM64 version?



Feb 2021

Great to see object detection in free software!

Face recognition is another thing I'd very much miss away from Google Photos, but harder to get right as well?



Apr 2021

For not being a 1.x.x release, it already looks nice, and the feature set described sounds like the best google photos replacement I've found yet! Thanks for your work!