Frequently Asked Questions

Does the face recognition model respect privacy?

Does Photonix run on Raspberry Pi / ARM?

Is it safe to use Photonix with my existing folder structure?

Will Photonix work with my other software tools?

Can Photonix help with organizing the RAW files that I use for editing?

Does Photonix support videos?

Can I start using it right now?

How would this photo organizer fit into my existing process?

Does Photonix do face recognition and labelling of people?

Does it create web-friendly JPEG images for fast loading?

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Feb 2021

Keep on the good work.



Jun 2021

It's perfect! Thank you! You guys did a great job! Can't wait for 1.0 to come out!



Apr 2020

Looks like a great platform! Love the AI auto tagging features and geo mapping. A feature that is long being left as a secondary element.