Frequently Asked Questions

Can I treat Photonix as my backup solution?

Does the face recognition model respect privacy?

Does it create web-friendly JPEG images for fast loading?

Does Photonix run on Raspberry Pi / ARM?

Can I start using it right now?

Will Photonix work with my other software tools?

Is it safe to use Photonix with my existing folder structure?

Does Photonix support videos?

Does Photonix do face recognition and labelling of people?

How would this photo organizer fit into my existing process?

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Jun 2021

Thank you very much for adding face recognition on the same day as my Ars article went live where I said you didn't have it!!! >_<



Mar 2021

Looking good, keep it up!


May 2020

I love this project! My dream would be a photo organizer / tagger that just goes through all photos at night and automatically detects and learns the contents.... I will follow you for this project and am happy to test any versions.