Frequently Asked Questions

Does Photonix do face recognition and labelling of people?

Will Photonix work with my other software tools?

Can Photonix help with organizing the RAW files that I use for editing?

Can I start using it right now?

Does Photonix support videos?

Can I treat Photonix as my backup solution?

Does it create web-friendly JPEG images for fast loading?

Does Photonix run on Raspberry Pi / ARM?

Does the face recognition model respect privacy?

Is it safe to use Photonix with my existing folder structure?

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Jun 2021

Been following you guys from the beginning! Very excited for a release....gonna slap it on my odroid and wave google photos goodbye!



Apr 2021

For not being a 1.x.x release, it already looks nice, and the feature set described sounds like the best google photos replacement I've found yet! Thanks for your work!



Feb 2021

Seems to be effective. Will give it a try. I like the map feature.