How would this photo organizer fit into my existing process?

5 May 2021, 11:22 p.m.

Well, you can think of your photos as going through a pipeline. First you are going to be out and about with your digital camera actually taking the photos. After shooting you’ll typically download the files onto your computer and do your editing. It’s after this editing stage where the waters can get a bit murky and there is no obvious path to take. You’ll have some more files now and probably some more folders but where should they live for the long term?

We’ve tried to make this photo organizing software adapt to you so you don’t have to change for it. Some users will have an external hard drive or two for their files because they either won’t fit on their computer’s hard drive or as a backup. Other more advanced users may have a home server on their network so that they can share files between computers in their home.

As long as Photonix knows which folders new files (RAW and processed) will appear in, the photo organizer component will get to work, building its database. It can use the files directly if you are running on a single computer and need to save storage space or it can copy the files if running in a server/cloud scenario. Detected photos should show nearly instantly in Photonix’s user interface. The more advanced AI analysis will happen in the background (as it can take a bit of time) and then you’ll be able to use all the more advanced forms of search.

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Feb 2021

Nice work!



Mar 2021

Looks cool!

Could this be used as a portfolio site, or would that be better served by something else?



Apr 2021

Thanks for the great work. Any plans to add face recognition and meta-data exporting?