Does Photonix do face recognition and labelling of people?

29 Jun 2021, 12:03 a.m.

Yes, we have support for detecting, grouping and labelling faces. This means that if you label some of your friends, others will get automatically labelled so you can quickly find other photos of them.

These are the main steps of the process for each photo:

More details are given in our announcement blog post and Image Analysis documentation.

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May 2020

I love this project! My dream would be a photo organizer / tagger that just goes through all photos at night and automatically detects and learns the contents.... I will follow you for this project and am happy to test any versions.



Apr 2021

I cant wait until I can deploy this on unraid.



Jun 2021

Been following you guys from the beginning! Very excited for a release....gonna slap it on my odroid and wave google photos goodbye!