Does it create web-friendly JPEG images for fast loading?

16 Jun 2021, 10:57 p.m.

Yes you should find that images in the UI are fast-loading JPEGs. Photonix has a thumbnailing service built in which produces smaller versions of photos for display. You won't tend to see the original files unless you click the download icon. The most frequently seen JPEGs are:

There is naturally a trade-off between size and quality. On our photo detail screen we load a slightly larger images than you may expect but this is because we still want to show a reasonable level of detail if the user tries to zoom in.

With relation to raw files, a full-size JPEG is created of all of these which is then used to create smaller thumbnails from.

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May 2020

I love this project! My dream would be a photo organizer / tagger that just goes through all photos at night and automatically detects and learns the contents.... I will follow you for this project and am happy to test any versions.



Jun 2021

Thank you very much for adding face recognition on the same day as my Ars article went live where I said you didn't have it!!! >_<



Mar 2021

I'm amazed I hadn't heard of Photonix before - it seems perfect for my photo library. Great work, and congratulations on this release!

A question: do you expect it to work well on ARM SBCs like Raspberry Pi 4?