Can Photonix help with organizing the RAW files that I use for editing?

5 May 2021, 11:22 p.m.

Yes, absolutely. We’re glad you asked! Photonix is photo management software for professionals, and we know this is an area that isn’t catered for with most services like Google Photos, Flickr, 500px and desktop applications such as Picasa, DigiKam and Shotwell.

When Photonix imports your photos, it doesn’t just look at the JPEGs but reads all the main manufacturer’s RAW file formats (.CR2, .NEF, .DNG, .ARW, .RWL and more). If you have a RAW format that we can’t open then please let us know and we’ll try to support it.

Don’t worry about the RAW files showing up as duplicates though — our de-duplication algorithm is usually smart enough to realise multiple files are actually the same photo — just a different "version". We try to combine duplicate photos whether they’re JPEGs produced by the camera, RAW files or edits exported from Lightroom as TIFF.

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Apr 2020

Looks like a great platform! Love the AI auto tagging features and geo mapping. A feature that is long being left as a secondary element.


Apr 2021

Looks really promising guys. Keep up the good work



Jun 2021

Yours does look very promising indeed! Raspberry Pi support is great too.